Happy Women’s Day

Written by Lieketseng Eze

As a female entrepreneur, I am often awe-struck by what it takes for females to venture into starting and growing sustainable businesses. Often women wear various hats in the many roles they play in their families and in society.In South Africa it often said “Wathinta Abafazi Wathinta imboko” meaning you strike a woman you strike a rock. There is no more apt statement than this one. Many studies have proven that women are more effective in leadership roles than their counterparts. It is my dream, as a female entrepreneur to see more women in business, continue making great strides in growing their business and creating opportunities for other women.South African corporates can do more to support female-led companies through various support interventions and giving them opportunities. The country as a whole will benefit immensely from empowering more females in business.  Women don’t only think of the bottom line ”revenue” but the overall impact on the ecosystem.

Happy Women’s Day!